Buck Perry's Guidelines for Fishing Success

Buck Perry, a former Physics Professor at North Carolina State University, is known as the father of modern day fishing and structure fishing. Not only did he first discover and introduce the structure fishing concept, he even coined the word and gave fisherman a basic vocabulary of fishing knowledge. He started the whole era of modern day fishing well over 50 years ago. There are some people who try to further their own careers by claiming that structure fishing is old and out of date. Funny thing is nobody told the fish! Fish move by the same basic instincts that have guided their moves for hundreds of thousands of years and is very unlikely to change during the next hundreds of thousand s of years! Buck Perry discovered and proved these basic principles. Mr. Perry often stated that "Knowledge is the Key the fishing success", not a fancy lure or the latest equipment. Buck developed a home study course that shares this knowledge and outlines what it takes to become a successful fisherman. This guideline for successful fishing will work on ALL bodies of water and for ALL species of game fish! This home study course is broken out into the following nine volumes:
• Introduction - The basic Movements of the fish
•Controls & Tools
• Structure, Breaks and Breaklines
• Weather & Water
• Presentation of Lures
• Lake types
• Mapping & Interpretation part 1
• Mapping & Interpretation part 2
• Buck Talks & Mental Aspects
Each volume of the home study course includes a quiz and a test. There have been MANY very well-known fishermen that have taken and learned from this home study course. For a fraction of the cost for a fishing guide, you can have this home study course and the knowledge that will stay for a lifetime.

Buck Perry's Guidelines for Fishing Success      $64.95


"Knowledge is the key to fishing success"  Buck Perry


"The home of the fish is deep water"
Buck Perry

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This is Buck Perry's first book about the mechanics to become a successful fisherman. Many refer to this book as "The Fisherman's Bible." The first edition of this book was in 1973, but the mechanics discussed by Buck Perry to become a successful fisherman are timeless and unchanged throughout the years.
A must have for any fisherman.

Season 2, show 1: Jim Duplex on Heideke Lake-Strippers!
                                   Classroom: Structure part 3

Buck Perry's "Your guide to Lunker Catches"      $19.95

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Season 2, show 1: Jim Duplex on Heideke Lake-Strippers!
                                   Classroom: Structure part 3

Season  1 shows:

Season 1, show 3 Petenwell Flowage Walleyes, Structure 1

Season 1, show 4 Lake of Egypt Bass, Weather 1

Season 1, show 5 Kinkaid Lake Muskies, Structure 2

Season 1, show 6 Lake Mendota kids. tools 1

Season 1, show 1 Lake Mendota Pike, Basic Movements 1

Season 1, show 8 Lake Mendota Smallmouth, tools 2

Season 1, show 7 Lake Wisconsin Crappies, Basic Movements 2

Season 2, show 5: Petenwell Flowage Walleyes/White Bass
                                   Classroom: Structure part 4

Season 2, show 6: Tippecanoe lake Indianan, huge white bass
                                   Classroom: Tools part 3

Season 2, show 8: Lake Mendota student instruction    
                                   Classroom: Interpretation part 2

Season 1, show 2 Detroit River White Bass, Controls

Season 2, show 1: Jim Duplex on Heideke Lake-Strippers!
                                   Classroom: Structure part 3

Season 2, show 2: LakeSt. Clair Smallmouth
                                   Classroom: Weather part 2

Season 2, show 3: Rathbun Lake in Iowa- Walleyes and catfish    
                                   Classroom: Water part 1

Season 2, show 4: Detroit River Muskies - Jerry Borst
                                   Classroom: interpreting a contour map part 1

Season 2, show 7: Detroit River Walleyes & Lake Lasalle cats    
                                   Classroom: Water part 2